Nose surgeries are performed due to health problems or aesthetic concerns. It is possible to group health problems under two groups.

1. Structural disorders of the nose

Structural disorders of the nose prevent the person from breathing properly and the nose loses its ability to perform this function. These problems can significantly affect the quality of life. These conditions may be genetic or may be caused by narrowing or obstruction of the air ducts as a result of previous trauma.

2. Nose deformities

The deformities of the nose can also be caused by genetic reasons, as well as subsequent impacts, falls or similar traumas, burns or various diseases. It is also possible that deformities can cause psychological problems. Rhinoplasty surgery (Rhinoplasty) provides solutions to these problems partially or completely.

Nose operations for aesthetic reasons

For aesthetic reasons, those who want to have a nose surgery (Rhinoplasty) generally ask that the nose shapes they think are not suitable for their facial structures should be brought to the desired shape. In fact, although the patient's demand is taken into consideration before the nose aesthetic operation, the physician's experience and medical knowledge should be the main factor in choosing the right shape. The physician will make the choice that will be aesthetically beautiful and will be correct in terms of surgery by taking the patient's thoughts.

In general, those who want to physically resemble popular people in the community refer to this person by applying aesthetic surgery. As the nose is one of the most important points in facial aesthetics, these requests are very common in nose surgeries. The physician's attitude in these requests should be to determine whether the patient really needs this aesthetic and to discourage the patient from this operation if necessary. However, if there is a condition that really affects the aesthetic appearance of the person or prevents him / her to feel good, rhinoplasty is performed.

The shape of the nose is selected according to the proportions of the face after the measurements. Although the nose is located in the middle of the face, it is expected to attract attention. When we make a face-to-face conversation, we communicate by looking at the person's eyes and lips, we do not look at the nose. This shows us that the nose should be in a way that should not be noticed. Therefore, the purpose of nose aesthetics is to achieve a natural-looking result that is appropriate to the facial structure. Who Can Have Nose Aesthetics?

Nose aesthetic operations can be performed after the end of the person's developmental age. The nose must take its final shape and therefore the development must be completed. In addition, the psychological aspect of this development is examined by specialist and experienced doctors.

What is Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Nose aesthetics after the rhinoplasty surgery, when they are not satisfied with the results, and after the physician considers it appropriate, is called “Revision rhinoplasty.. Revision operations are more difficult than nose operations performed for the first time since the nose was intervened during previous operations.

What is Nerve Curvature Surgery?

Nose curvature or deviation is seen in two ways. Only the type of structures that concern the nose is also seen. At the same time, there was a kind of structure that affected both inside and outside structures and caused a curvature of the nose from outside. Such curvatures may block the airway. However, the curvature of the nose does not always cause breathing problems. Inadequate intake of oxygen causes the organs to not be fed at the desired level. This situation, which affects the sleep order, also leads to deterioration of the quality of life by preventing the rest of the person. After the examination and taking into consideration the patient's level of complaint, it is possible to obtain a better breathing and aesthetic appearance by correcting the curvatures present inside and outside.

What are the things to be considered before Nose Surgery?

Restrictions are required for some medications prior to surgery. In addition, the rules applied in all general anesthesia operations apply to these operations. These rules are transmitted to the patient by specialist doctors and health personnel.

How is Nasal Surgery (Rhinoplasty) perfomed?

Nose aesthetic surgery is performed under general anesthesia. It must be performed in the operating room under appropriate hospital conditions. The operations are performed with closed or open technique. The operation lasts between 1-3 hours.

After Rhinoplasty

The patient stays in the hospital for one night as a precautionary measure. Temporary bruises and swelling occur in some cases after nasal surgery. However, after a certain time, this situation disappears. If the buffer is placed, the buffer is removed after 2-4 days. Bone healing is thought to have occurred in part 6-8. The splints put on the nose are removed on days. If open rhinoplasty is performed, healing is seen by leaving a slight trace.

During the first few days it is possible to see very slight leaks and slight blockages. In the first month, there may be swelling in the nose which may affect breathing slightly due to edema due to surgery. Medications recommended by the doctor will eliminate this swelling.

Post-operative time depends on the technique of the operation, the procedures performed, the healing potential of the patient, the work performed by the patient and the environment in which he / she lives. Patients who do desk work do not care about the appearance of their splints on the nose, but they can work on the fourth day. It is recommended for people who are very active to start working in 7-10 days.

Smoking adversely affects the healing process. Some external factors should also be considered during the treatment process. Protect from sunlight for 3 months. There is no need for extra protection against sunlight as there is no incision after closed surgeries, but it should be noted that; protection from the sun is always important to prevent premature aging of the skin. Swimming, running and similar activities are limited according to the procedures and technique. It is recommended that the doctor obtain additional information on the use of contact lenses and glasses.

Total recovery after nasal surgery takes place after 3-6 months.


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