Implantology is our department that deals in; titanium or ceramic-based artificial roots inserted on the jawbone with fixed or removable prostheses on them to replace the patient's tooth deficiency on patients who lost their natural teeth due to various r

What is implant?

A dental implant is a cylindrical and / or conical artificial tooth root made of titanium which replaces the tooth root.

Why is implant treatment done?

  • Single tooth deficiencies,
  • In patients who have lost their back teeth on one or both sides,
  • In order to support a few natural teeth left,
  • Implant is applied to patients who lost all natural teeth

How long is the implant treatment?

 The patient, who is planned to undergo implantation, undergoes clinical and radiographic examinations. As a result of these examinations, the type, diameter and length of the implant; then the type of prosthesis is decided. Accordingly, the duration of treatment may vary depending on different types of implants and prostheses. The process of fusion of the implants to the bone, which is called the treatment process, differs from person to person or to the region applied. This period is called the healing period and a temporary prosthesis is applied to prevent the patient from becoming toothless. After the healing period is completed, the prosthesis stage is started and the planned fixed or mobile prosthesis is attached to the patient.

What is laser implant treatment?

In laser assisted implant treatment; Laser is used to accelerate the healing mechanism of soft and hard tissue.

Your implants can be placed in the bone without cutting the gums and suturing them. Since it will be faster to fuse the implant with the bone when done with laser, you can reach your teeth by making your prosthesis on the implant in a shorter time without the need of standard waiting time.

Especially after the anterior area implant treatments, where esthetics is more important, your fixed tooth can be made on the same day. In this way, both your appearance and the problems you will have in your speech will be prevented and you will not have difficulty.


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What will the future of hair transplantation be?

What will the future of hair transplantation be?

The most widely used hair transplant technique today is the FUE technique. The FUE technique was taken as an important step in the future of hair transplantation. With this type of hair transplant, the hair is removed one after the other with special tubes and transplanted.

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Hair Transplantation From The Past To The Present

Hair Transplantation From The Past To The Present

Like everything else, hair transplantation has a history. If you are interested in hair transplantation and the history of hair transplantation, this article will take you back in time and explain how hair transplant treatments have been used throughout history.

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What is a Beard Transplant, How is it Performed?

What is a Beard Transplant, How is it Performed?

Beard is the most important accessory that some men have. Beard loss or beard weakness, which can have various causes, can be remedied with a beard transplant treatment.

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