Hair Treatments

Hair Treatments

Hair loss is genetic in 60-65 percent of women and 99 percent of men. Genes from the mother or father are coded for hair quality, hair thickness, hair loss.

Therefore, it is not yet possible to control a disease from the gene . For this reason, hair treatment is one of the difficult treatments.

In men, “adreno genetic hair loss” is more common. With the effect of the hormone testosterone, especially in the front middle and top region, the hair begins to dilute. Genetic shedding is possible from the age of 17-18. Genetic shedding is a process that continues until the age of 50-60 according to the effect of genetics and the stress management of the patient . In some, this spill happens very quickly. There are people who lost all of their hair at the age of 20-21 , as well as people who lost some of their hair at the age of 40-50.

Who should receive hair treatment? 

Those who have an average of 100-150 hair loss per day are definitely the ones that need treatment . This rule applies to both men and women. In some cases, an active spill occurs until the age of 35-40, followed by insidious thinning. In such cases, we recommend that patients : If the person's skin begins to appear in the area where the photo was taken and the flashes exploded, it should be treated.

Mesotherapy in hair treatment 

An effective treatment is hair mesotherapy. It is a treatment consisting of a mixture of vitamins, amino acids and minerals. This method was successfully applied in our country from 2004 to 2008. Successful results were obtained with this method for 3-4 years. Behind them came the foreign ‘Growth Factor’ serums that treat and strengthen the hair. These serums were injected into the scalp . It also worked for several years.

Hair laser

There are two purposes in the treatment of hair laser. First; The hair laser opens the capillaries, which are extinguished under the skin, and activates the blood flow. Second, it activates and accelerates theregeneration and healing process in the tissues under the skin . Melanocyte cells that give color to the hair are also treated in patients taken to the laser . Therefore, darkening of the color of the hair is also partially observed. Significant changes occur in 4-5 months.

Hair serum and laser combination 

Treating the scalp may be like treating the soil. How can not get the crop fertilizer is thrown into the soil, fertile under the top, seeds are strengthened. So the soil comes alive. The same applies to hair . Before the laser treatment, which lasts 20 minutes twice a week, the patients are fed with tiny needles and serum which opens the skin. Then the laser is given for 20 minutes. In this way, fast results are obtained in patients starting from the first month. Treatment lasts about 6 months. The patient is photographed the first time he arrives. After the second month, another photograph is taken. He puts them together side by side, we see how much quality increase in hair , how much closure in openings, how much shining places are closed. From the third month there will be a noticeable change in photos. By the sixth month, the patient now achieves maximum benefit. The shape of this combination therapy in Turkey face laugh hair treatment method.

Is it necessary to repeat the treatment? 

In cases where hair loss is genetic, protection treatment is started after the end of shedding and strengthening treatment . Preventive treatment is continued at monthly, then two, three and six month intervals. The experience and sensitivity of the specialists are very important in the methods used for hair treatment. A healthy hair treatment is successfully applied by our team. Both the process and the follow-up after planting are done by our experienced team. Contact us for any problems.


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