Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

It is the department that performs the diagnosis and surgery of all kinds of discomfort related to soft tissue (such as cheek, palate, tongue, lips) and hard tissues (teeth, bones) in the oral cavity by performing operations under local anesthesia, genera

Within the scope of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery;

  • Tooth extraction
  • Extraction of impacted and complicated teeth
  • Extraction or removal of untreated teeth (for orthodontic treatment)
  • Implant surgery
  • Treatment of cysts and infections (abscesses) in the mouth, tongue, sublingual, cheek and palate
  • Treatment of dental cysts (root tip resection).


Augmentation (bone augmentation)

Depending on long-term edentulousness or structural bone deficiencies, the implant is transplanted from the other parts of the jawbone to the implant site. Implants can be placed in the mouth in the same session with this treatment method. Another difference from routine implant applications is that the waiting time for the implants to boil is 4 to 6 months, depending on the density of the bone volume, rather than 2-3 months. The main purpose of this treatment method is to increase the bone thickness and height of the implant.

Zigoma (cheekbone) implants

Zygoma Implant; They are long implants placed on the cheekbones in patients with severe bone loss in the upper jaw bone and no bone to be implanted in the jaw bone. Thanks to the Zigoma implants placed under the general anesthesia application, your fixed denture teeth are made on the same day and you wake up with your denture fixed in the mouth. This is especially important for the private and social lives of young and middle-aged patients. Another advantage is that these implants are suitable for patients whose jaws have been removed because of diseases such as accidents or cancer.

Implant treatment with All on 4 technique

All on 4 treatment methods are two routine implants to the anterior region and 2 implants at an angle of 30-35 degrees in total due to the decrease in the bones of the posterior jaw. In this way, you will have fixed temporary prostheses on the same day. Because of the fixed prosthesis made on the same day with the All-Four method, your taste sensation and your dining pleasure change rapidly and increase your living comfort rapidly. Reaching your esthetics with your fixed prosthesis in a short period of time, your appearance and your conversation creates a difference and regains your self-confidence.

It is necessary to perform advanced surgical procedures in cases where there is excessive bone loss in the posterior regions of the jaw due to structural or some reasons. This will prolong the treatment process up to 6 months, and in some individuals advanced surgical techniques cannot be applied. As an alternative to these treatment methods, your treatment is completed in as little as 3 months with the all-four technique. At the same time, you can continue your life comfortably and confidently with your fixed temporary dentures and fixed teeth that do not require insertion and removal. Finally, in patients with complete edentulousness requiring advanced surgery, the cost is lower compared to routine implant treatment methods.

Implant treatment with iliac bone transplantation

Implants can be implanted by transporting bone fragments from the iliac bone (hip bone) in cases where the jaw bone is insufficient due to long-term toothlessness or structural bone deficiencies. This is an operation performed by a Plastic Surgery or Orthopedics Specialist and a Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist under general anesthesia. It is an intervention in hospital conditions and general anesthesia horse. The patient is discharged after 24 hours of hospitalization and can continue his daily life. The junction of the block bone and intraoral bone taken from the iliac (hip) region by the Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist is followed. As a result of this follow-up which lasts for approximately 6 months, implants can be placed by increasing the bone volume in the mouth vertically and horizontally.

Laser implantation

Your implants can be placed in the bone without cutting the gums and suturing them. Since it will be faster to fuse the implant with the bone when done with laser, you can reach your teeth by making your prosthesis on the implant in a shorter time without the need of standard waiting time. At the same time, you can have your fixed teeth implanted on the same day, especially after the anterior area implant treatments, where aesthetics are more important. In this way, both your appearance and the problems you will have in your speech will be prevented and you will not have difficulty.

Split surgery (bone dilation)

Transverse enlargement of the jawbone when the jawbone is insufficient for implant application. This provides a thicker jawbone in the horizontal dimension and implant placement.

Sinus lifting

It is the process of lifting the sinus membrane by using biomaterials such as graft (bone powder) and membrane in cases where the upper jaw bone is insufficient for implant application. This provides a longer vertical jawbone and implant placement.


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