What is Unshaved Hair Transplantation?

What is Unshaved Hair Transplantation?

Unshaved hair transplantation is the procedure involving hair transplantation done while shaving only a part of the hair or without shaving any at all.

Who Is Unshaved Hair Transplantation Applied to?

Aesthetically, unshaved hair transplantation is an application that is attracting the attention of many because it offers a more comfortable approach. In previous hair transplant techniques, it was necessary to shave the hair. For this reason, many people gave up hair transplantation. Due to improved possibilities, this alternative has provided great convenience in the lives of patients. Thus, patients can return to their daily lives without wasting time and do not feel bad about their appearance. For this reason, unshaven hair transplantation has become a technique preferred by some patients.

Can Anyone Have Unshaved Hair Transplantation?

Unfortunately, not every candidate is suitable for unshaved hair transplantation. For example; People who need a high number of hair follicles are not suitable for this process. We can often see this technique of hair transplantation applied in women. Unshaved hair transplantation can also be easily applied in male pattern hair loss where thinning is less. It can be applied to men with a hair length of 8-10 cm in the nape area. Also for eyebrow transplant this the technique is very useful. Those who are considering hair transplantation for the crown area can benefit from this technique. This technique is also ideal for those who want to thicken their hair due to the thinning of their hair, and for those who want full hair. Again, there is an intense demand for this technique by people who are having a second or third hair transplant

Unshaved Method and DHI Hair Transplantation (Pen Method)

Unshaved hair transplantation has come to the forefront due to its advantages over other techniques. For example, in the FUE method, the long hair makes the channel opening process difficult. For this reason, the area to be transplanted should be shaved for channel opening.

In the DHI hair transplant method, due to the special pens, the transplantation process can be carried out to the sparse area homogeneously without shaving the hair. Moreover, Turkey is in a more advanced state in the world when it comes to performing hair transplantation without shaving.