What are the Causes and Types of Hair Loss?

What are the Causes and Types of Hair Loss?

Due to washing, approximately 100-150 hair loss per day is normal. This situation may vary depending on washing and combing. There are approximately 100 thousand hair strands in a health hair structure.

Causes of hair loss can be listed as genetic predisposition, systemic diseases, exposure to chemicals, hormonal and nutritional factors, iron deficiency, hair growth disorders, psychological stress and scalp diseases. Hair loss usually begins 3-4 months after the triggering factors and these factors can return to normal 6-12 months after treatment.

What are the causes of hair loss?

- Genetic Factors

Male hair loss of %50 is genetic. Among the causes of hair loss in the general population, male-type hormone-sensitive shedding is seen. Chronic hair loss can turn into baldness at later ages. Hair care started at an early age can reduce hair loss and slow down the path to baldness.

- Skin Problems
Among the causes of hair loss, skin problems are also seen. Losses of seen due to skin also affect the hair scalp. Problems such as eczema, acne, psoriasis, lichen disease, excessively oily skin, fungal disease affect the hair scalp according to the cause of hair loss. Hair loss can be stopped when skin problems are treated.

- Wrong Eating Habits

Hair strands are alive. Therefore, the nutrition of our hair strands is very important for their health. Drinking less water, consuming too much carbohydrate, staying hungry for a long time, and eating a uniform diet cause hair loss.

- Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency

The lack of vitamins and minerals in our body is among the most important causes of hair loss. At the same time, if vitamins and minerals such as biotin, zinc, B12, vitamin D, folic acid, iron are low, hair loss occurs. In addition, taking iron supplements even when there is no iron deficiency in the body reduces hair loss and contributes to the formation of new hair.

- Hormonal Reasons

Hormonal disorders are also among the causes of hair loss. Problems such as excessive acne, weight problems, pregnancy, menstrual delay, excessive oily can be the cause of hair loss. You can reveal these problems with blood analysis and prevent hair loss after the necessary treatment.

- Various Diseases and Drug Use

Among the causes of hair loss, there are many reasons such as rheumatic diseases, thyroid gland diseases or drugs used for these diseases, chemotherapy process, weight loss pills, adrenal gland diseases, diabetes, insulin resistance, birth control pills.

- Stress and Depression

Excessive stress that causes hair loss is quite common nowadays. Anxiety, depression and psychological causes are effective on hair loss.

- Cosmetic Factors

Using non-herbal hair care creams, tying the hair tightly, straightening the hair with excessive heat, bleaching, dyes, blow-drying used to lighten the hair color, damage the hair from the outside and cause hair loss.

What are the Types of Hair Loss?

1- Male Type Hair Loss

Male type hair loss can occur not only in men but also in women and is generally due to genetics, which is considered among the causes of hair loss in men. K Each hair strand has a growth cycle. In male pattern hair loss, this cycle becomes weaker over time and the hair strands begin to become thinner and thinner. As a result, the growth cycle in the hair follicles ends and the hair begins to grow in these areas.

In general, hair loss starts from the top of the male type. Apart from this point, the forehead area where the hairline is located begins to open slowly. The area with the least hair loss is the nape of the neck.

2- Hair Loss In Women
The causes of hair loss in women are usually hormonal. It occurs frequently in cases where hormone balances are disturbed such as birth and menopause.
Hair loss after birth is also a common occurrence. In female pattern hair loss, dilution is equally in all parts of the hair. When viewed from the outside, the opening at the base of the hair is clearly visible.
Healthy hair is very important for every woman. Women use various products to prevent hair loss. These care products used help reduce spillage.

3- Hair Loss in Children
Causes of hair loss in children is usually due to ringworm disease. The treatment applied for ringworm disease in children will ensure that the hair comes back. Those who are late for treatment may lose their hair permanently.

4- Stress-Related Hair Loss

Some thyroid hormone-lowering drugs, cholesterol-lowering drugs, blood pressure drugs, birth control pills, some drugs used in psychiatry, vitamin A and some derivative drugs can cause hair loss. Postpartum hair loss can also be included in this group. Hair loss that lasts more than 2 months should be followed closely.

5- Hair Loss Due to Vitamin Deficiency
When there are problems such as thinning, acne, menstrual irregularity and increase in hair growth in female patients, especially in the frontal areas of the hair, the level of sex hormones should be controlled. Iron deficiency is seen in 70% of women with hair loss. For this reason, you can protect your hair by supplementing with iron.

6- Hair Loss Due to Thyroid Hormones
Less work of thyroid hormones may cause hair loss. After 8 weeks of treatment, the hair will start to grow again.

7- Ringworm Hair Loss
Alopecia areata is a common disease that occurs suddenly and is characterized by one or more round, completely balding areas of different sizes. This disease, which is among the causes of hair loss, is called 'ringworm' among the people. It is not contagious. It can be seen not only in the hair but also in the beard area.

8- Hair Loss Due to Dental Tooth Decay

One of the causes of hair loss is tooth decay. In addition to dental diseases, the immune mechanism that fights bacteria invading the body can also damage your own healthy cells.

In this case, the immune system attacks the hair follicles and causes hair loss. After all, hair can only live in a healthy body.

How to Prevent Hair Loss?

When treating hair loss, the diagnosis should be made correctly. First, the causes of hair loss and types should be learned. A dermatologist exam will determine the cause of the spill and plan appropriate treatment.

Treatment Methods that can be Used to Prevent Hair Loss

- The Medication

FDA-approved drugs to prevent hair loss and thickening of the hair strands should be taken under medical supervision. Medications can be effective in areas where hair is thinned and weak.

- The Hair Transplant

The hair transplant can mainly be used on people with loss of male type. Male type hair loss develops with the action of the male hormone in people who are genetically prone to it.
Over time, the cells that make hair die under the action of this hormone. The hair becomes thinner at first and then falls out completely. Hair transplantation is a very effective method for patients with this problem.

- The Hair Mesotherapy

One of the most common methods of hair loss is hair mesotherapy . It is a treatment for hair growth and reproduction applied by injecting vitamins and minerals into the scalp with microneedles. The injection process is carried out at intervals of about 1 cm. Then the scalp is massaged.