Many people give up their thought of having hair transplantation once they learn that their hair will be shaved. They do not want to appear this way in the society. Different techniques have been developed to prevent this problem.

The unshaven hair transplantation process is a new technique developed to eliminate this problem. In this way, it is aim to assist the patients to return to their social life as soon as possible.

How Is Hair Transplantation done without shaving?
If your preference is hair transplantation without having to shaving, you should let your hair grow a little longer before surgery. In this way, the previously existing longer hair conceals gaps in the donor area where hair follicles are taken from and thus, no gaps are visible.
After the local anesthesia is done, the donor area is identified and healthy, strong hair follicles are taken from this area. These follicles are then prepared for hair transplantation. The process is completed by transplanting these follicles, which are separated according to the natural direction and thickness of the hair, to the sparse area.

In the process of unshaved hair transplantation, approximately 4,000 hair follicles can be transplanted in 2 sessions. Between 1 and 3 hair roots can come out from each follicle. As a result of these new technologies developed, the rate of attachment of the hair follicles is increased.

Due to the tools and techniques used in the FUE technique, the retention rate of the hair follicles is be increased. The success rate of hair transplantation is increasing day by day due to the advances in plastic surgery such as gold needle pens and micromotor technique. The process of unshaved hair transplantation requires more time and care. Therefore, their prices are higher than other techniques. Nevertheless, it is one of the most preferred techniques because of the comfort it provides without disrupting social life.

Why Unshaven Hair Transplant?

  • Does not disrupt your daily life
  • The donor area where hair follicles are removed heals more easily
  • Offers solutions for patients who give up hair transplantation due to the shaved look.
  • Graft is taken homogeneously in the process of unshaved hair transplantation. Therefore, it is almost impossible to see the gaps.
  • The low number of roots transplanted in this process accelerates the recovery period.