Do Hair Transplant Results Vary From Person to Person?

Do Hair Transplant Results Vary From Person to Person?

Today, many people suffer from thinning hair and baldness. Although there are various hair treatment methods, none of them give exact results.

Most treatment methods are used to prevent hair loss, but they cannot provide effective solutions for thinned or completely lost hair. At this point, hair transplantation, which is the most permanent and easy solution, emerges. Generally, the things that patients wonder about before the operation are how hair transplantation is applied and the results of hair transplantation.

Before having a hair transplant operation, you should go to transplant centers and get information about the process and consult with experts. It should be decided which technique will be used for hair transplantation by talking to the specialist and the appropriate method should be selected among them. By looking at the hair loss area and the hair follicles in the donor area, clearer information can be obtained about the results of hair transplantation. When making a decision, it will be much more useful and motivating to master the whole hair transplant process and to learn what awaits you in the future.

Although hair transplantation operations are divided into FUT and FUE hair transplantation, only the FUE technique has been used in recent years. The FUE technique is more preferred by customers because it gives more effective results and provides a natural appearance after hair transplantation. The FUE technique, which offers a fast and painless process, is divided into unshaved hair transplantation and DHI method. After choosing the hair transplantation method that is suitable for you for more lush, vibrant and healthy hair, you should pay attention to the pre-operative and post-operative period.

What Should Be Taken Into Consideration To Get An Effective Result?

It is not enough to have a hair transplant on its own, the person should pay extra attention to the area where the hair transplantation is performed and properly care for it. Although the results of hair transplantation differ from person to person, very effective results can be obtained with good care. Before the process starts, your specialist doctor explains the necessary information before and after hair transplantation in detail.

Before hair transplant

In order for the operation to be successful, you need to pay attention to certain points before hair transplantation. At the beginning of these, you should stop smoking and drinking alcohol 1 week before the operation. However, it is recommended not to use any blood thinners such as aspirin, if used, it may cause an increase in bleeding during and after the operation.

After hair transplantation
In order for the hair transplantation process to give faster and positive results, there are situations that need to be considered after the operation. For 3 days after the operation, water should not touch the transplanted areas, so taking a bath is not recommended. Alcohol and smoking should be avoided within 3 days.

After the operation, the donor area where the hair follicles are taken is covered with a bandage and the area should be dressed the next day. In order to protect the transplanted hair and roots, the hair transplantation area should not be exposed to sunlight for the first 15 days. Since sun exposure and wetting directly affect the results of hair transplantation, extra attention should be paid to these points.

If you want to get better and more efficient hair transplant results, you should use the shampoo and lotions recommended by the specialist and wait for the transplanted area to heal. You should avoid any contact with the transplanted area for the first 15 days and protect the area against impacts. If a negative situation started after the operation and continues, you should contact the specialist urgently, such situations may cause negative consequences afterwards. If you follow the instructions given before and after hair transplantation and take care, you can achieve the results you want. Of course, hair transplant results are not only affected by these aspects.

Genetic characteristics and properties of the application also play an active role directly on the results of hair transplantation. The results after the operation are not the same for everyone.

Hair Transplant Results May Not Be the Same for Everyone

Hair transplant results differ from person to person. These differences do not mean that the operation was unsuccessful. For example, the transplanted hair of one person may grow in 3 months after the operation, while the other person may grow out after 6 months. All these situations may vary according to the hair follicles, anatomical features and nutritional habits of the person.

Hair transplant centers, which have a great impact on the results of hair transplantation rather than the characteristics of the person who transplanted hair, can directly affect the process and result. Therefore, after you decide to have a hair transplant, you should research and choose hair transplant centers where experienced doctors work. Any mistake or forgetfulness that the specialist may make during the operation will affect the results and the next process and all efforts will be wasted.

Donor Area and Hair Features

The hair follicles in the donor area and region are of great importance for hair transplantation results. The specialist takes the hair transplanted from the donor area during the operation and transplants to the problematic area. At this point, the strong hair follicles directly affect the process and the results. Apart from the characteristics of the hair follicle, the directions of the hair to be transplanted are also important in terms of providing a more natural appearance. When the expert transplants the hair according to its natural growth direction, very successful and satisfactory hair transplantation results are obtained.

Anatomical Features

Since the anatomical structure of the person directly affects the process, the specialist determines a road map accordingly before the operation. In this way, the process starts by drawing an accurate application map. The most important point to be considered in planning is the hair direction of the person. If the plan is applied correctly, the results of hair transplantation will be more satisfactory.


The competence and application of the expert as well as the technique to be used in hair transplantation is of such great importance for hair transplantation results. If the hair follicles are not transplanted correctly and in the right directions, it negatively affects the result. This operation is not considered successful as long as the transplanted hair cannot reach the naturalness of the person's hair.

Genetic Features

Genetic features affect the post-operation and results. The healing time of the transplanted area varies from person to person, which affects the growth time of the transplanted hair. Generally, half of the transplanted hair starts to grow 6 months after the operation, but it takes 12 months to fully grow. This situation varies according to genetic characteristics and may take up to 18 months in some patients. The genetic characteristics of the patient are important for hair transplantation results.

Care of the Person

The importance given to the hair after the operation is a decisive factor for the results of hair transplantation because effective results cannot be obtained if the person does not give the necessary care and does not provide the correct care. The patient should take good care of his hair and the transplanted area during the healing process
and follow the instructions, but the whole process does not end with this. After the transplanted hair has grown, the care should be continued and the process should be followed. Some hair is shed due to genetic reasons, while others are shed due to diseases or vitamin deficiency. Your newly transplanted hair also sheds again for these reasons, so care and treatment if necessary should be done without neglecting it.

Eating habits

If the person's hair is lost due to vitamin and iron deficiency, extra care should be taken for the desired hair transplant results. At this point, the diagnosis made by the specialist before the hair transplantation is important. Therefore, if the hair is lost due to a nutritional reason, the eating habits should be rearranged accordingly and this process should be followed. At the same time, if you want to achieve more successful hair transplant results, you need to eat protein-based nutrition. Protein-rich foods strengthen your hair follicles and you can make your hair grow thicker and more vibrant after the operation.

Before deciding on the hair transplant operation, you can look at the operations your specialist has done before and you can get ideas for the post-operative period based on the results of hair transplantation. After performing the transplantation process, you should listen to your specialist and follow the process carefully to achieve the results you want. When your transplanted hair starts to grow 1 year after the operation, you will see that you get the reward of your efforts throughout the process. That's why you should pay attention and care throughout the process because your dreamed hair is completely in your hands!