DHI Unshaven Hair Transplant

DHI Unshaven Hair Transplant

DHI hair transplant method means Direct Hair Implantation. Due to direct transplantation, DHI is also called unshaved hair transplantation. You can also hear DHI hair transplantation as a pencil technique.

There are peculiar differences that distinguish this method from other hair transplant methods. In other methods, grafts are collected one by one from the donor area where the hair follicles will be taken, namely the nape area. Micro channels are opened in the area where hair loss is observed and grafts are placed in these channels. DHI unshaved hair transplantation is applied using special pens called implanter. Hair follicles are collected with this implanter and transplanted into the area with hair loss within 1-2 minutes without waiting. In this way, damage to the hair follicles is prevented.

With the implanters designed for DHI unshaved hair transplantation, it is easier to place it according to the direction and angle of the hair follicles.

Differences Between DHI Unshaved Hair Transplantation and FUE Method

With the FUE method, the hair transplantation process takes place in three stages. First, grafts are collected from the nape area where the hair follicles are strong and dense. In the second stage, opening of the channels for placing transplanted follicles in the bald area is completed. Finally, the grafts kept in a special solution are placed in the opened channels one by one and transplantation is carried out.

The transplantation process is performed by placing the grafts that are kept and stored one by one in the opened channels. With DHI unshaved hair transplantation, this sequence has been changed and the transplantation time of the grafts has been shortened. The grafts are collected from the nape area in special pens without any damage and implanted without waiting.

Grafts in FUE method; Special solutions such as lactate, normal saline, platelet-rich plasma should be kept in order to avoid damage. It does not need to be stored in any storage solution in DHI. DHI unshaven hair transplantation is performed without any damage using implanter and then transplanted directly.

In the FUE method, it is necessary to wait 1-3 hours due to the extraction of the grafts. The time elapsed with the opening of the channels varies between 15-30 minutes. Hair transplantation varies between 1-2 hours. The waiting time of the grafts in vitro varies between 1-2 hours.

For DHI unshaved hair transplantation, this process is undertaken simultaneously. Extraction and implantation processes are completed in the same time. Thus, the waiting time of the grafts outside varies between 1 and 10 minutes. Although less grafts are transplanted at one time compared to the FUE method in this process, it is more guaranteed at the point of retention of the roots. Moreover, due to the fact that the hair can be implanted without shaving, it is possible to continue your social life without a break.